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Mount Lothian Wind Farm


The Mount Lothian Windfarm has been submitted to the government for an appeal process.


The developers, Wind Prospect, have submitted additional information in an environmental statement, which has been made available at the end of January to us for additional comments before the end of February 2015.


Please see the documents below.

on a PC, right click on the blue links and choose save as to download the documents.


Volume 1: Text - summary of the Environmental Statement addition. Landscape and Visual Assessment


Volume 2: Text - Appendices. This is a LARGE document: 52MB

1. Chapter 6 updated. Details of the ES VISUAL AND LANDSCAPE ASSESSMENT

2. Update to ES Appendix 6.4 Representative Viewpoints – Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects

3. Update to ES Appendix 6.7 Visual and Landscape Receptors – All Viewers Assumed to be of High Sensitivity

Receptors are locations with a view of the location for the development.


Volume 3 Figures.

1. Cover and Contents

2. part 1. digital version - LARGE document: 34MB

3. part 2. digital version

4. part 3. digital version - VERY LARGE document: 168MB




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